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Staff & Multidisciplinary Team Roles

Your team of professionals comes from several different disciplines working together.

The Law Enforcement Officer: Various city police departments, Macon and Piatt County Sheriff Offices, and Illinois State Police have trained investigators who interview children,
non-offending parents, suspects and other witnesses, and gather evidence in child abuse investigations.

The DCFS Investigator:  Depending on the circumstances, a DCFS investigator is present to conduct or observe the child’s interview, develop safety plans, and ensure the child’s safety from further abuse or other risk of harm.

The Medical Professional: Your child may be referred to a physician or other medical professional with specialized training in child sexual and physical abuse cases.  Local emergency rooms are not equipped with specialized staff or equipment.  This medical professional will examine your childe, complete a report and do certain tests that may be used as evidence in court.  Most sexually abused children have not suffered any serious injuries.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  CAC staff will provide you with additional information regarding the medical exam.

The Case Manager/Legal Advocate:  The Case Manager/Legal Advocate is a trained paraprofessional who helps the parent other caretakers when abuse is reported.  She can provide emotional support for the immediate effects of the crisis and will help the caretaker connect with services needed in the community including medical appointments, counseling referrals, victim’s compensation claims, order of protection assistance, explanation of the investigative and judicial process.

The State’s Attorney:  The State’s Attorney assigned to the case has the final decision as to whether or not charges will be filed.  Many factors are considered including: age and maturity of the child, child’s ability to testify, whether or not the suspect has confessed, presence of physical evidence, and witness corroboration.